Sunday, May 20, 2012

Fun Monogrammed Gifts for Summer from The Palm Gifts

Fun Monogrammed Gifts for Summer from The Palm Gifts

Ready, Set...GO! Monogrammed Gifts for Summer are READY for you to order! Our Monogrammed Beach Towels continue to be one of our top selling monogrammed gifts year round! Grab one of our Monogrammed Coolers in a fun color to carry all of your beverages in to the pool or beach. Our Monogrammed Scout Bags are a MUST HAVE monogrammed gift for summer!  Have fun shopping! SHOP THE PALM GIFTS

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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

NEW! PREPPY Monogrammed Stationery by Boatman Geller at The Palm Gifts

 NEW! PREPPY Monogrammed Stationery by Boatman Geller at The Palm Gifts. We are THRILLED to add these SUPER PREPPY Monogrammed Note Sheets in acrylic holder by Boatman Geller line of Monogrammed Stationery. Custom Notepad with your choice of personalized name or monogram. We offer a variety of preppy styles sure to be a favorite monogrammed gift for anyone on your list. 

When we decide to add products to our Monogrammed Stationery Gift Line, we want to add items that get us excited! If it catches our eye it makes our cut. We fell in LOVE with Boatman Geller's fun and preppy designs and are proud to be one of their vendors.

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Monday, February 27, 2012

MUST HAVE Monogrammed Sun Hats - Monogrammed Straw Hats from The Palm Gifts

MONOGRAMMED SUN HATS from The Palm Gifts! 
MUST HAVE Monogrammed Sun Hats - Monogrammed Straw Hats from The Palm Gifts! Wide Brim Monogrammed Sun Hats are Preppy and fun! Lounging by the pool, sitting at the beach, or hanging at the are sure to be super stylish! Want to add some style to your wedding....give these as your bridesmaids gift for a spring or summer wedding. HOT NEW MONOGRAMMED GIFT trend! 
SHOP our Floppy Monogrammed Hats today in our Monogrammed Gift section at The Palm Gifts. 

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