Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Bride and Groom and Palm Gifts' Aprons -- True Love!! - Message from Customer

After helping Sarah W. with a family personalized apron order, I remember thinking how nice to have such close family and friends. Today waiting in my inbox was a FABULOUS photo of her memorable Thanksgiving. Thank you for the lovely email and photo Sarah! on.... 
Bride and Groom and Palm Gifts' Aprons -- True Love!!

When our daughter, Bane, first told us about her now fiancĂ©, Chris, her descriptions centered around what dishes he has cooked for her!!  We all come from a line of great cooks!  My Mom wrote the -What's Cooking with Betty Bane recipe column than ran in Southside Virginia newspapers and my husband inherited his Dad's love of completing the most complicated and delicious recipes!!

And, Chris's family shares those deep family traditions.  The bride's new apron was covered with flour as she watched Chris's Mom make homemade pie crusts that comes from a long family art of the perfect pie crust. Bane added a pecan filling for our Thanksgiving lunch.  And, our other daughter, the MOH, jumped in and filled a homemade pie crust with pumpkin pie!  Aprons withstood the flour coating well.

And, we wore our aprons the entire day.  Each apron designated our relationship to the bride and groom.  The BFMOH was a tough one - boyfriend of maid of honor!!

Also joining the fun that day was were great family friends with the Dad's designation of FOJB  - friend of Jimmy Buffett.   All of them sported the apron's even as they left to head home!

So - thank you, Palm Gifts for being so great to work with and for adding so much to our family celebration.

The Bride and Groom continue to enjoy the aprons and the fun of getting ready for their big day in May!!

 ~ BEST WISHES to BANE and CHRIS! From The Palm Gifts.......

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