Saturday, May 30, 2009

This and That....

Random Thoughts!

We are SO busy! I'm not complaining! :)

You can follow us twitter using @thepalmgifts .

BIG GIVEAWAY coming up!

We are working 24 hours a day to get orders out ASAP!

We usually play Jimmy Buffett, steel drum music, calypso or other beach music ALL DAY ... so if you call us at The Palm Gifts, you might just hear it!

Flip Flops are part of our "dress code!"

The Palm Gifts' boat is called the "BOARD ROOM". Where all good decisions are made!

The Palm Gifts' owner, Dave's cell phone RINGTONE is Margaritaville!

The Palm Gifts' owner, Rebecca's cell phone is PINK!

We have TONS of press coming out in the next few months!

We LOVE hearing from our customers!! It makes our day! Please email us Send us photos, comments ANYTHING!! We want to hear from YOU!

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