Tuesday, December 07, 2010

NEW! Super Preppy Monogrammed Christmas Ornaments

NEW! Super Preppy Monogrammed Christmas Ornaments from The Palm Gifts. Monogrammed Gifts are so fun to give and receive....and DESIGN! A Monogrammed Christmas Ornament of your own creation. Start with a fabric base and decide on your ribbon choice from over 50 choices!!

Christmas is RIGHT around the corner! Order today!
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Sunday, December 05, 2010

Monogrammed Gifts for Christmas Deadline - December 16

Christmas is Coming! Our Ordering Deadline for Christmas Delivery is FAST approaching! Most products can still be ordered until December 16th. As of today, there are only 19 days left until Christmas!!!

Here's a link to a Christmas Countdown Clock to download to your computer. I'm off to help some customers with their Monogrammed Gifts for Christmas (while snacking on some Almond Cookies!) Tis' the Season!


Saturday, November 27, 2010


Monogrammed Full Length Robes $28 (reg $36)
Bamboo Hot Pink Monogrammed Bag $20 (reg $28)
Hot Pink Bamboo Garment Bag $24 (reg $30)

Featured Sales Continue Through Sunday!
Kids Personalized Umbrellas: Pirate Umbrella, Butterfly and Flowers $22
Cashmere Feel Scarves: NEW! Toasted Dark Brown Color! $20
Fleece Scarves - Always a FAVORITE! $14
Ribbon Slippers- Design Your Own  $18

 Kids Umbrellas $22


Thursday, November 25, 2010

FABULOUS Monogrammed Travel Bag Sets $60


 FABULOUS Monogrammed Travel Bag Sets feature Quilted Monogrammed Garment Bag and LARGE Monogrammed Duffel Bag. Sure to be one of your favorite Travel Sets. Suitable for Adults and Kids too. Such a great price for this High Quality Monogrammed Bags!

We also sell the LARGE Monogrammed Duffel Bags and Garment Bags separately for $30 each! Travel in Style with The Palm Gifts!
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Monday, November 22, 2010

And The Winner Is...... Jennifer LaSerre

Jennifer won one of our Monogrammed Lightweight Bags of her choice!  Thank you to everyone that entered. Keep posted for our next giveaway!

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Monogrammed Gift Idea for Today from The Palm Gifts-Monogrammed Bags $18

One of our BEST SELLING Monogrammed Bag Styles! Visit our FACEBOOK Page and "LIKE" to enter our drawing! Contest Ends November 20th! Good Luck!

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Monday, November 08, 2010

Monogrammed Gift Idea for Today from The Palm Gifts

Monogrammed Gift Idea for Today from The Palm Gifts will help you start thinking about Christmas Shopping! We are featuring our Acrylic Holder Monogrammed  Note Sheets with Ribbon Accent. 

One of our FAVORITE Personalized Gifts! We receive many comments from our customers with raves. 

Give to teachers, friends, co-workers, girlfriends, neighbors. You can design your own creation with zebra print ribbon, preppy stripes, polka dots! Each one is made when ordered especially for you! We even gift wrap in a clear bag and tie with a coordinating wraphia ribbon. One of the best selling gifts from our monogrammed stationery line!
for your FAVORITE Monogrammed Gifts!

Questions? Email: customerservice@thepalmgifts.com or call 803.802.2121. 
We will gladly help answer any of your questions!
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Sunday, November 07, 2010

Monogrammed Gift Idea of the Day from The Palm Gifts


We are ready for the Holiday season at The Palm Gifts! Add this beautiful Monogrammed Salad Bowl Set to your Gift Wish List! You'll LOVE how this sparkles on our table! Would be a wonderful addition to your Thanksgiving or Christmas Feast! 

Questions? We are here to help! Email: customerservice@thepalmgifts.com or call 803.802.2121
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Thursday, November 04, 2010

NEW! Flourish Damask Monogrammed Bags Have ARRIVED!!!

NEW! Flourish Damask Monogrammed Bags Have ARRIVED!!!  One of our BEST SELLING Monogrammed Bag Styles, the lightweight bags have a new pattern: Flourish Black and White Damask. We just LOVE how this looks with RED thread...just in time for the Christmas Season! 

Another best selling Monogrammed Bag is our Houndstooth Design. We added this pattern a few weeks ago, and it has just taken off! Red seems to be the most popular thread color followed by Hot Pink. Affordable Monogrammed Bags from The Palm Gifts!

Custom Monogrammed Gifts for Every Occasion 
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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Crystal Monogrammed Candy Jars - Candy Buffet Jar for Weddings and Parties from The Palm Gifts


Crystal Monogrammed Candy Jars - Candy Buffet Jar for Weddings and Parties from The Palm Gifts! You'll LOVE this Monogrammed Candy Jar featuring Monogram or Single Initial of your choice. Use to adorn candy buffet tables for Birthdays or Wedding Receptions. Unique Gift Ideas: Fill with candy and give to teachers, coaches, dance instructors, housewarming gifts.

Personalized Corporate Gifts: The Palm Gifts also can etch your company logo on many of our crystal products! Please contact us today for a quote. Perfect Idea for Corporate Christmas Gifts.

 Monogrammed Christmas Gifts are added daily!
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Monday, October 25, 2010

Crystal Monogrammed Christmas Ornaments $18 from The Palm Gifts

Crystal Monogrammed Christmas Ornaments $18 from The Palm Gifts. Personalized Christmas Ornaments are perfect for Monogrammed Christmas Gift Ideas for Baby's First Christmas, Personalized Wedding Ornament featuring Wedding Date, Keepsake Ornament celebrating another year, Corporate Gifts featuring Company Logos!  (Contact The Palm Gifts for a company quote)

Only 60 more days till Christmas! 

YOUR High Quality, Monogrammed Gift Shop!
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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fun Spider Personalized -Monogrammed Halloween Bag - ON SALE THIS WEEK $14

LIMITED! Fun Spider Personalized-Monogrammed  Halloween Bag - DESIGN Your OWN! Personalized Halloween Trick or Treat Bags come with spider design in colors of your choice, kids name, with or without ribbon for boys and girls. Just the right size for your little ghost and goblin! You design your own adorable spider to coordinate with Halloween Costumes.

We love the little spider in hot pink with light pink tips, lime spider with purple tips, orange spider with purple tips...be creative! Have fun with your own creation!

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Monday, September 20, 2010

Sassy Monogrammed Note Sheets in Acrylic Holder - Damask and Polka Dots

Sassy Monogrammed Note Sheets in Acrylic Holder - Damask and Polka Dots!! NEW Monogrammed Note designs! Use for Adorable Personalized Memos, Personalized Grocery Lists, Monogrammed Desktop Memos for your office!

Give for Girlfriends, Birthdays, Co-Worker Gifts! These are SO adorable everyone will love receiving them!

Sassy Monogrammed Notes in High Quality Acrylic Holder are perfect on your desk at work! Notes for Moms on the Go: stick these on the counter in the kitchen!

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Sunday, September 12, 2010

NEW! Monogrammed Stationery (Stationary) from The Palm Gifts Monogrammed Gift Ideas!

Monogrammed Stationery from The Palm Gifts
Lime with Black and White Damask Monogrammed Note Cards  

LOVE LOVE Our Monogrammed Stationery Note Card Sets! Personalized Note Cards with Monogram or Name of your choice. From Black and White Damask to Mod Polka Dots, you are sure to find a style to suit any personality!

The Black and White Damask Print Personalized Note Cards have been a HUGE hit! We had a bride order many Personalized Note Cards for her bridesmaids gifts! 

We will gift wrap each set in a clear cello bag with coordinating wraphia ribbon! Ready for Gift Giving!
Birthday Gifts.Wedding Presents.Graduation Goodies.Christmas Stocking Stuffers

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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Monogrammed Car Initials - Vinyl Decals - Stickers for Car Monogram

Monogrammed Car Initials - Vinyl Decals - Stickers for Car Monogram
Monogrammed Decals for Cars, Laptops, Walls and more! Stick these everywhere! 
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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Monday, August 30, 2010

Duffle Bags for Girls and Boys : Pirate, Zebra, Polka Dots and Camo Oh MY!

Duffel Bags for Girls and Boys : Pirate, Zebra, Polka Dots and  Camo Oh MY! Girly, Preppy, Pink and Green, Boy's Favorite Pirate and Camo! Newly Added Styles for your little girl and boy! Perfect Personalized Duffels for Gymnastics, Ballet, Soccer, Swimming events just to name a few! High Quality Construction!
SHOP THE PALM GIFTS: http://www.ThePalmGifts.com

Friday, August 27, 2010

Tailgating Recipe: Team Twirly Pretzels

GO TEAM! Bulldogs, Seahawks, Tiger, Gamecocks, Panthers, Tarheels and Wolfpack and other fans (COMMENT TO LET US KNOW WHICH TEAMS YOU CHEER FOR)! 
Fun Tailgating Recipe! One of our FAVORITE Snacks to eat and make! Twirly Pretzels!

You'll LOVE making these fun and easy tailgating snacks! Kids love helping, and adults love eating!

Purchase bark chocolate (we like white)
Melt chocolate in small batches in Microwave
Dip Pretzel Sticks in chocolate and twirl around
Place on parchment paper to harden (add sprinkles right after placed on paper, before chocolate has hardened)
Sprinkle your favorite color combination (Kids love helping with this part!)

Different Pretzel Sizes:
Rods: Serve as a large pretzel or break in half (dip broken half in chocolate)

Medium Sticks: A new size is available in a medium size stick. Perfect for kids!
Add these favorite Tailgating Goodies from The Palm Gifts!

Monogrammed Tailgating Market Tote: Features Mascot Name: Tigers, Bulldogs, Wolfpack, Tarheels, Gamecocks, Panthers, Eagles...YOUR TEAM!


Comment on our blog to let us know who you will be cheering for this season! Don't forget to shop at THE PALM GIFTS for all of your collegiate themed gifts!