Saturday, September 20, 2008

NEW Handmade Rag Dolls from The Palm Gifts!

These are a MUST HAVE item for your little girls or boys! I am telling you that they will go nuts over them. We have been working on these for 3 months with "Nanna", and she has perfected these. I had samples of the dolls all around my desk, and had to fight off my kids from taking them and playing with them.
SO adorable, SO original! I am going to have two made for my girls so they can pass down to their babies when they are born.
Each doll is handmade by "Nanna" so we call these dolls "Nanna's Kids!". Their clothes are cut from fabric, and sewn. Each piece is handmade for that specific doll. Dolls are handcut and hand stuffed with love for you.
Doll's hair is even created by hand!
Sure to be your child's favorite toy, and your newest heirloom to pass down from generations.