Friday, August 27, 2010

Tailgating Recipe: Team Twirly Pretzels

GO TEAM! Bulldogs, Seahawks, Tiger, Gamecocks, Panthers, Tarheels and Wolfpack and other fans (COMMENT TO LET US KNOW WHICH TEAMS YOU CHEER FOR)! 
Fun Tailgating Recipe! One of our FAVORITE Snacks to eat and make! Twirly Pretzels!

You'll LOVE making these fun and easy tailgating snacks! Kids love helping, and adults love eating!

Purchase bark chocolate (we like white)
Melt chocolate in small batches in Microwave
Dip Pretzel Sticks in chocolate and twirl around
Place on parchment paper to harden (add sprinkles right after placed on paper, before chocolate has hardened)
Sprinkle your favorite color combination (Kids love helping with this part!)

Different Pretzel Sizes:
Rods: Serve as a large pretzel or break in half (dip broken half in chocolate)

Medium Sticks: A new size is available in a medium size stick. Perfect for kids!
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