Wednesday, May 27, 2009

We work 7 days a Week here!

Usually, we work 7 days a week....about 12-16 hour days. We're super busy! THAT'S GOOD!

We decided to take a few days off "off" and spend some time with our family at the beach. The funny thing is, I still have a computer "card" that I can use whenever, where ever I feel! I'm riding down the road, emailing, twittering, contacting companies, placing company orders, running the company on the interstate!!

I LOVE being able to catch up on all of our customer service, answer customer questions, and be on top of things in what would usually be some down time.

It was so funny today, I was trying to work online, my husband is blaring his own "ipod" tunes, my kids are watching the DVD and calling out demands " drink please, crackers please, etc. etc. etc.." I'm working with customers via email and all is going on at once.

Gotta LOVE how you can combine work and family! Stressful, but it somehow all gets done. :) Multi-tasking in business and with families is a must...especially for a full-time MOM and business woman/owner!

Thanks for reading!
Rebecca Stickels, Owner
The Palm Gifts